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IronOT: Your Partner In Industrial Security, System Robustness and Production Resilience

Making OT Security Simple and Effective

At Iron OT, established in 2023 in the Czech Republic, we believe in creating lasting solutions for your industrial needs. Our team is dynamic, vendor independent, and with many years of experience with many industrial environments.

Together we have over 30 years of combined expertise. It includes spectrum of key industries, encompassing aerospace, automotive, maritime, food, pharmaceutical, chemical industry, transportation, energy, oil and gas industry.

Comprehensive Expertise

Iron OT, founded in 2023 in the Czech Republic, offers over 30 years of combined experience in a wide range of industries, including aerospace, automotive, maritime, and energy, showcasing a rich portfolio of collaborations with global industry leaders. 

Tailored Cybersecurity Solutions

Specializing in Operational Technology security, Iron OT provides customized cybersecurity services like cyber risk assessments, robustification of ICS systems, and OT Security audits. It ensures long-term protection and compliance with the latest legislation such as NIS2.

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What do we offer?

Iron OT is a next-gen company, which specializes for Security of your Operational Technologies. This includes checking and improving your Cyber Security (CSMS via IEC 62443) or Information Security Management System (ISMS via ISO 27001) according to newest legislation NIS2.

We also offer top-class specialised solutions, which are tailor made for your organisation. This includes green or brown field cyber security designs for technological units, cyber risk assessments, robustification of ICS systems, OT Security audits, and training sessions – to make you and your team more aware of how to stay safe in the interconnected digital world.

Our mission?

To boost your protection of Operational Technologies against digital threats, making sure you’re safe not just today, but well into the future. Our solutions are simple and effective. Everything what we are doing is with the aim of long-term cooperation and maintaining high-level of trust and confidentiality between us.


Solutions we provide follows order of logical OT Security implementation phases:







Operational Technology (OT) industries worldwide most frequently targeted by cyber-attacks in 2022 


In 2022, the manufacturing industry saw nearly 60 percent of cyber incidents among Operational technology-related (OT) sectors.


Among other OT industries, energy was targeted by 17 percent of the attacks, while water utilities saw around one percent of the global attacks for the year.

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Source: Statista

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Hacktivists attack U.S. water treatment plant 


On November 25, the municipal water authority of Aliquippa confirmed that one of its booster stations – used to maintain water pressure and flow – was hacked.


The Unitronics V570 device shown in the image released by the water authority is a PLC+HMI combination.


After gaining initial access to this system, it remains unclear how the attackers interacted with it to deface the HMI.


Also unclear is what else they may have done, such as changing PLC settings or process variables.


There are currently more than 1,800 Internet-exposed Unitronics PLCs in the world.

Source: Forescout 

Chinese cyber espionage exposes years-long grip on Dutch chip giant 


A Chinese hacker group has had undetected access to the network of NXP, one of the largest Dutch chip manufacturers, for over two years, The attack shows how even the most advanced technology companies are vulnerable to cyber espionage.


NXP, a leading supplier of chips for the automotive industry, has had to admit to being a victim of these targeted espionage attacks. The perpetrators were primarily interested in stealing chip designs and mailboxes containing large amounts of sensitive information.


This intellectual property is of great value to competitors and states seeking to influence or dominate the technology industry.

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Source: NRC



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